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For those who love extreme and new adventures, we are designing the longest Zip-line in the world with the length of 2680 meters and the height of 200-300m above the ground. Our team believes that we can bring people together to realize this awesome project. Join us, contribute 60$ and get 2 Longest Zipline tickets!

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As the first adventure park in Armenia, Yell Extreme Park gives an opportunity to do extreme sports without being a professional. It is located 142 km away from Yerevan and 158 km away from Tbilisi. The territory is mainly mountainous and rocky hillsides covered with a green carpet of Alpine meadows, which ensures perfect conditions for the development of eco and adventure tourism in Yenokavan.

Tavush is sometimes reffered to us as a little Armenian Switzerland. 

Here we do our best to lighten up the world and live the moments with full enjoyment. The team of Yell Extreme Park has created an amazing opportunity for those who are searching for adventures and adrenaline.

Now we are designing a new Zip-line with the length of 2680 m and the height of approximately 250 m. There will be 4 parallel Zip-lines from the place of Yell Extreme Park to the village of Yenokavan.

We want people to overcome all the fears that they may have, to live the moment and enjoy every minute of the life. Time in Yell Extreme Park allows others to connect with their fun inner child — impulsive and unrestrained, not afraid to bend rules, not afraid to stand out, and comfortable in their own skin. 

At the heart of our project is the idea of collective action or “bringing people together” for a happy world.

Longest Zipline in the World !

We have 5 lines of Zip-line. Now the longest line is 750m with the speed of 30 km/h. The height is approximately 250m above the ground.

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We are going to set a new record of Guinness Records Book and we want the highest Yell to be heard from the Yell Park.

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Now we are designing a new Zip-line with the length of 2.7 km and the height of approximately 300m. Flight of 3 minutes, with the speed of 120 km/h !

Longest Zipline

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